Saturday, September 17, 2016

Dark Clouds, Bright white and Blue Sky. . .Tall Trees, Birds, Squirrel, and Harvest Moon

Dark clouds and rainy off and on . .
 A bit lighter. .
 Still cloud, but blue sky . .
 More Blue Sky among the clouds . . .
 Brightening up . . . tall trees
 Lots of birds in the yard. .
 . . and a squirrel digging fast. . .
 . . .yep, he got it. . .Lunch.
 Moon behind the trees. . .
 almost. . .
 . . there it is. Harvest Moon.
How powerful you are: Your thoughts become your story which you start living out. We have a huge windshield we look through as we go forward in the car and a tiny mirror we look back with. Begin to look forward with all our thoughts and living out the future. . not looking back at your past. Forward is where your future is not your past. ~ Bruce Van Horn

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