Saturday, November 19, 2016

Clouds, Blue Sky, Naked trees, Golden Trees, Red Leaf Trees, Plane, Squirrel, Barn and Horse

Heavy Clouds. . .
 . . .more heavy clouds.
 Now looks like a front coming in.
 Clouds lining up. . .
Clouds. . .
 Clouds and Blue sky sandwich. . .through the trees.
 Big, Huge, Beautiful Tree straight up the trunk. . .
 . . .some of the limbs.
 Plane in the middle close to cloud.
 Naked tree. . .and  . . .
 Gold Tree.
 Red leaf tree and clouds.
 Squirrel close up.
 Barn, Clouds horse in pasture.
 Brown horse today.
 Whoops . . .caught me taking picture.
 Too hungry to care.
Don’t let life trick you into the impossible task of fixing a day that has already passed. ~ Steve Maraboli

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