Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Dark Clouds, Sun, Naked Trees, Squirrel, Birds, Horse and Plants

Most days are like this.
Looks like the sun is trying to make a presence.
 Yep, but most of the clouds are still there.
 Didn't realize the incline.
 Sun, Barn, Naked trees and grass.
 Uh Oh, she sees me. . .
 She's coming over. .
 Look at those eye lashes. . .wow.
 Ok, I would not let her eat my scarf. . she's leaving.
 Squirrel in the courtyard.
 . . .so cute.
 Three birds on a roof.
 Bush with berries on it.
 Rugged Plant for winter!
 Another sticker plant.
No flower which is more beautiful than loyal friends. ~ Gede Prama

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