Thursday, December 8, 2016

Deary, Cold, Cloudy day. . . . Horse Whisperer. . . My greatest thrill

Clouds and Dark. . .
 . . . Dreary and windy.
 YAY, horse is in the backyard. . . WAIT. . .
 . .What do I see. . .Coming for a Visit ?
 I had started talking to her and here she is. . .
 . . .AND she let me pet her nose a couple of times.
 What a Great Thrill. . . what a great Babe.
 Ok. . she sees something over there more interesting.
 Red tree amidst the somber cloudy day.
 Christmas Tree in downstairs apartment.
 Some color on this dreary looking day.
 Fountain is turned off and leaves take over :(
Too cold to leave the motor running the water on.
If you make your business about helping others, you will never run out of work. ~ The Talk

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