Sunday, December 11, 2016

Trees, Clouds, Dreary. . .Horse, Leaves, green plant and Horse

Clouds with a spot of brightness.
 Mostly naked trees.
 Grass is turning brown.
 Clouds and bright spot of clouds through the trees.
 Gray Clouds, dreary day, cold and windy.
 Heavy Clouds. . .sun is in the bright spot.
 Dark and dense cloud cover.
 Horse was eating but decided it was too cold 
and hurried back into the barn.
 Colorful leaves all over the ground.
 Fountains are turned off and drained because
of the cold weather. Leaves all in the fountains now.
 ONE green alive plant left.
 Found a Squirrel
 Found another one. . .
 He's looking at us.
 The one on the other side ran up the tree. . .I found him.
Your life is your message to the world - Make sure it’s inspiring.

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