Thursday, August 24, 2017

Squirrels, Horses, Clouds, Barn, GAZ and both Fountains

2 Squirrels at Breakfast Table. . .
 . . . . eating.
 2 Squirrels and a fountain.
 Clouds and Blue Sky.
 Mid-court Fountain.
 Barn Blue Sky and Shadows.
 Horse in Pasture. . .
 . .eating.
 Brown Horse going back to barn.
 . . .at a pace. . .
 . . .almost there.
 Buckskin thinking of coming. . .turn around and went back.
 GAZ saw birds fly over. . .
 . . .they didn't stop.
 Hi Gamma. . .
Clouds, Blue Sky and Trees.
 Squirrel on the fence in the backyard.
Definition of a Friend: Someone who says nice things about you when you aren’t around.

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Daytime/Nighttime Fountain, Clouds, Trees, Squirrels, Horse, Barn and Birdie Meeting

Blue Sky, Clouds and trees.
 Daytime Fountain.
 Clouds, Blue Sky and trees.
 Barn. . .Clouds, Trees, and Shade.
 Horse in the Pasture today.
 Clouds, Blue Sky and Trees.
 Here's looking at you. . .from high atop the tree.
 Acrobat Squirrel . . . on top. . .both at Breakfast.
 Squirrel trying to get to breakfast.
 2 Squirrels close up at Breakfast.
 Clouds. . .Birdie Meeting.
 Trees, Clouds, Blue Sky.
 Brown Bay in Pasture. . . .
 . . . walking along. . .nibbling.
 Nighttime Fountain.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Woodpecker, Cardinal, Squirrels, Planes, Clouds and Moon/Sun Eclipse Shadows

Barn and Trees.
 House, Lights and Fence.
 Bunny Cloud.
 Clean Fountain.
 Trees, Clouds and Plane.
 Squirrel at Breakfast.
 2 Squirrels.
 3 Squirrels and Fountain.
 2 Squirrels
 Moon and Sun shadows thru the leaves 8/21/2017 
Eclipse 91 percent in Tulsa.
 Clouds and Trees.
 Clouds, Tree, Blue Sky and Plane.
 Plane in Blue Sky.
 Cardinal Papa in back yard.
 Woodpecker at the hummingbird juice.
“Nothing strengthens authority so much as silence.”  Leonardo da Vinci

Monday, August 21, 2017

Squirrels, Fountain, Clouds, Blue Sky, 2 Horses, Barn and Birds

Squirrel on Branch high in Tree.
 Squirrel on Gate.
 Squirrel sitting on fountain blocks.
 Blue Sky and Clouds.
 Blue Sky, Clouds and tree.
Horse in back pasture.
 Horse in back pasture. . .Barn and Fence.
 Brown horse coming toward Barn.
 Brown Horse going into barn.
 Buckskin horse. . . .
 . . .going into barn.
 Tulsa Clouds. . .dark. . .
 Blue Sky and Tulsa Clouds. . .Trees.
 Tulsa Clouds, Blue Sky and Trees.
Patio with Birds (and dove) Fountain and Squirrel.
 Fountain. . .sunlight and Squirrel.
 Squirrel. . .Lamp Light.. .. sunlight up close.
How do we change the world?  “One random act of kindness at a time” ~ Morgan Freeman