Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Clouds, Blue Skys, Chem Trails, Squirrels, Horses, and Full Moon

Squirrels playing in the trees.
 Squirrel Breakfast and one in line waiting.
 Squirrel eating and one on the ground.
 Squirrel Close Up.
 Reasors Grocery. . .Clouds, Blue Skies and Chem Trails.
 Clouds and Blue Sky. . . another direction.
 After shopping, Clouds different.
 FVSideYard Squirrel
 FV Court Yard Squirrel.
 2 Horses in the pasture Backyard.
 Horses, Clouds, Blue Sky and Trees.
 Close up Lunch.
  Blue Sky, Clouds, some sun.
 Backyard Shadows.
 Full Moon and trees.
Goals may give focus, but dreams give us power. ~ John Maxwell

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