Friday, February 24, 2017

Clouds in many places. . .Squirrels, Sunset and my painting

Morning Clouds.
 Clouds and Trees.
 Clouds and Blue Skies.
 Pink Clouds.
 Horizon Clouds. . . .
 . . .more Horizon Clouds. . . sun off buildings.
 Squirrel on Tree eating Breakfast and clouds.
 Squirrel eats Breakfast on Patio Rail.
 Squirrel on Pelican . . Fountain behind.
 Squirrel Backyard Fence.
 Another part of Tulsa . . afternoon Clouds.
 Tulsa Clouds.
 Sunset. . .
 . .another Sunset.
 Sunset Clouds.
 Orange . . .like my painting. . . .
  I painted this 1/13/17. . .But the photos are yesterday.
Sunset kept getting brighter.
 North picture of pinks and purples.
 Everything happens for a reason, trust in the path God is putting you down! Jess Lockwood

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