Friday, February 3, 2017

Friendly Horses, Clouds, Gracie and Squirrels (windy and cold)

 Puffy Marshmallow Clouds. . . heavy.
 Clouds grey and Trees. Dark very windy cold day.
 Squirrel with Peanut and another coming over.
 She wouldn't give up her spot. . .
 . . . goes to the other side of the Pelican.
 Going to finish Breakfast.
 . . .runs off up the tree. . .he'll be back.
 Standing on the Pelican. . .yummy.
 Another Squirrel is looking for leftovers. . .
 . . .not there. . .well maybe.
 Horses in the pasture.  .  I start talking to them. . . .
 . . and the brown one hears me and starts walking 
toward me. . Beige horse isn't going to be left out.
 Brown horse had a head start. . . .
 Brown horse wants all the attention as Beige walks up. .
 Beige horse doesn't have a chance this time. . .
 Brown horse is determined. . .stay back.
 Awww. . .I get to pet this one for the first time.
'Horse Whisperer'
Some walks you have to take alone. ~ S Collins

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