Thursday, February 9, 2017

Plane, Blue Skies, squirrels and Moon/Star or Planet

Blue skies and high winds.
 Chimes and feeders on balconies.
 Plane in the Blue Skies.
 3Squirrels 2 on patios and 1 on iron fence.
 Waiting for Breakfast.
 Lots of good peanuts. . .
 Close up. . .
 . . .awww, you are welcome.
 Grabbed peanut and ran up the tree.
 Patio while others are eating at the pillar table.
 Ok, another grab and run. . . You are welcome.
 Moon through Trees.
 Star/Planet through Trees.

When you love the path your dreamed-of destination becomes almost incidental, and happiness becomes a daily affair. ~ Mike Dooley

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