Friday, February 10, 2017

Plane, Squirrel, Claremore, Will Rogers Museum and Will Rogers House, and Longhorns

Plane overhead. . .
 Squirrel at Breakfast.
 Squirrel looking for more.
Claremore OK
 This is the memorial plate at the Museum.
 The outdoor Statue at the museum. . .
 Indoor statue at museum.
 Painting at Museum.
 Lunch at the Pink Tea Room.
 We traveled over the dam to get to Will Rogers house.
 They had a DVD constantly playing and we
could go thru the house without anyone  there.
 The living room showed that the 2 room house was a log cabin. . .
they later added dining, kitchen and a 2nd bedroom to the house.
There are white horses that are friendly and we can pet.
 A bit further down there are Longhorns.
 The Blue Whale is a Rt. 66 attraction.
 One can even walk inside it and fish from it.
 Mistletoe is everywhere on the trees and is not good for them.
 This route (66) was a mail route at one point.
Saying nothing sometimes says the most. Emily Dickinson

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