Thursday, February 2, 2017

Squirrels, Clouds, Chem Trails, Horses, Barn, Blue Sky and Birds

Squirrel finally got up and right to Breakfast.
 Squirrel up close. . .eating peanut.

 Two squirrels on each side of the 
same Tree eating their Peanuts.

 I came back out and gave them more Peanuts.
Hey, Thanks, Squirrel is saying.
 Clouds today and lots of Chem Trails again.
 Clouds and Chem Trails.
 More Chem Trails and Blue Sky.
 Sun, Clouds, Chem trails and cold wind blowing.
 Horses, Clouds, Trees and Barn.
 Horses eating their hay.
 Lots of birds for dinner. . .
 . . this one lost it's mate and stays alone.
 Big Noise. . .Birds flew and Squirrel 
right up the tree chittering. . .Afraid.
There’s never just one right answer, and there’s never just one right question. Same for paths, people, and dessert.  ~ Mike Dooley

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