Monday, February 13, 2017

Sunny and Blue Skies turned to Cloudy and Grey Skies. . .Robins, Green Grass and Squirrel

No clouds. . .one Plane trail.
Clouds beginning to appear . . .lots of birds came back.
 More clouds. . .
 More and different clouds.
 Cotton ball clouds appear. . .
 . . . Mixed Clouds. ..
 Clouds are getting darker . . .
 . .and heavier.
 Backyard still has signs of Spring. . Robin and 
another bird just taking off.
 Robin close up.
 Green grass growing. . .
 . . .in different places.
 Clouds aren't giving up. .
 Thinner in some places. . .and
 Much thicker in others.
Squirrel grabbed a peanut and decided to eat it there.
Very simply the more responsibility you have the more time you have.

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