Sunday, March 19, 2017

Nighttime, Squirrels, Clouds, Plane Trails and Twilight/Sundown

Nighttime picture of Fountain.
Bird in the tree and the nest.
 Barn and trees.
 Backyard Clouds and trees.
 Backyard Plane trail and Clouds.
 Backyard trees with leaves coming out and clouds.
 Squirrel Lunch.
 Courtyard Plane and trail. . . Blue Sky and Trees.
 X marks the 2 plane trails.
 Plane trail Blue Sky and tree.
2  Lazy Squirrels in the trees.
 This one sleeps like this. . . .tail hanging down.
 Twilight at the fountain.
 Sundown . . .yellows, pinks and purples.
 Purples, Pinks and yellow Sundown.
 Purple and Pinks. . .Yellow Sundown.
 Twilight Purples and Pinks.
 Purple, Pinks and dark clouds.
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