Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Clouds, Blue Sky, Squirrels, Flowers, Cat and Mouse

Clouds and Blue Sky.
 Blue Skies, Tree and Cloud.
 Clouds Blue Sky through the trees.
 Squirrel finally found the corn and
made short work of it.
 Flowering bush. . .
 . . . lots of flowers yet to come out.
 Clouds, Blue Sky Trees toward end of day.
 I was away and came home. . .Squirrel is
Chittering at me. . . .OMGosh I would 
never have thought that would happen.
He became quite happy with the peanuts
I went into the house and got for him.
 Kittah and Mouse.
ARE YOU READY? . . to release the past and move forward to a new and better beginning right now.

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