Thursday, April 6, 2017

Clouds, River, Keystone Lake, Pawnee Bill's Buffalo and Longhorns. . Squirrels

 Mud coming from KS into our water. . .Clouds.
 Clouds. . .dark on the way to Pawnee.
 Pawnee OK. . . .
 . . .to see the Buffalo
 Pawnee Bill's House. . .
 . . .and plaque.
 The log cabin. . .so much history here.
 Clouds and Picnic area. .made like teepees
 Buffalo. . .
Mom and baby buffalo just born a week ago.
 Buffalo and Horse.
 Spotted Longhorn. . .Longhorns in background.
 Longhorn finally got up.
 Clouds all day.
 More clouds and Blue Sky over the Keystone Lake and Dam.
 Clouds at Sunset . . . Tulsa.
 Fed the Squirrels in the a.m. BUT I came out the door
and he came over begging. . . .MORE!!!!
 Happy Squirrel.
People don’t need to be fixed. They just need to be loved.

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