Thursday, April 20, 2017

Squirrels, Barn, Clouds, Trees, Blue Sky, Gracie and Frontyard Plants

 Three Squirrels at Breakfast.
 . . .and a big Thank you from one of them.
 Three squirrels across the Courtyard.
 Clouds and Blue Sky.
 Clouds later in the day. . .Trees. . .Blue Sky.
 Barn, Clouds, Trees.
 Scare Crow is up.
 Gracie napping. . . .
 Gracie doesn't want to be bothered. . . even if she is in my chair.
 My front yard plants. . .
 This one has white flowers with deep pink around tops.
 Green and white leaves on this one.
 Green plants. .. not sure what kind any of them are.
Never tire to see yourself as a flower. It makes you beautiful. Gede Prama

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