Sunday, April 9, 2017

Squirrels, Mallards, Clouds, Birds, Gracie and Moon at Twilight

Squirrel up close.
 Squirrel on the tree. . .
 upside down having breakfast.
 Squirrel up close with Peanut.
 Barn. . .Clouds.
 Blue Sky and Clouds.
 Bird with purple . . .
 . . .another picture. . .possibly a Coot?
 Backyard birds in the shade.
 Gracie on pillar watching. . . .
 Ducks. . .
 Male and Female Mallards. . .
 2nd Male Mallard. . .flew off after fight.
 Moon through the trees at Twilight.
 Twilight Moon and trees.
Your life is always the present moment.

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