Monday, April 3, 2017

Sunrise, Clouds, Squirrels, Cardinal, Dove, Robin, Plane, Flower Bushes and Weather Vane

Two Pictures of the Sunrise this morning. .
 . . .after a storm last night.
 Squirrel having Peanut for Breakfast.
 Squirrel Thanking me. . . .you're welcome.
 Two Squirrels in the front yard. . .
4 Squirrels. . .can you find them?
 Dull Gray day, but I did find the Cardinal in the tree.
 Three different colors of bushes.
 To the left. . .Squirrel. . .to the Right . . Robin.
 Close up. . .
 Squirrel gets down. .
 . . after Robin gets down. . .
 Next fence over, Dove flies in. . .notice 
Squirrel on the street.
 Airplane in a dark cloudy sky.
 Clouds after more rain.
 Another view. . .
 Barn Weather Vane for wind direction.
Try to learn something about everything and everything about something.”Thomas Henry Huxley

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