Monday, April 24, 2017

Sunshine and Shadows, Squirrels, Birds, Robin, Gracie and Fountain

Early Morning Sunshine
 What a difference a day makes.
 Fountain, Sunshine and Gracie.
 Blue Sky and Green Trees.
 Little beggar.
 Squirrel and Peanut. . .
 . . .Close up.
 . . another close up.
 Sitting on the patio, this is what I see when I look up.
 Robin Sun and Shadows.
 Yummy Breakfast.
 Another Robin in the shadows.
 Birds on the patio.
 Squirrel grabs and runs. . .too many after breakfast.
 Squirrel overlooking balcony . . . Reflections of trees.
 Squirrel on the tree and Fountain.
Don’t compare your path with anyone else’s. Your path is unique to you.

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