Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Squirrels, Horses, Red Bird, Twilight and Sundown

Clouds, Blue Sky and Trees:

 Twilight. . Clouds, Trees and Sundown:

 GAZ looking out the window. . .Trees and Clouds. . . .
 and listening for the birds:
 Bay horse and Buckskin:

 Us ladies are at the round table and the Squirrel is Chittering at us:
 Squirrel has come to breakfast this morning:
 . . .but before the cat was on the table. . .
 2 Squirrel came back for Lunch.
 Red Bird on the Lamp Post.
Everyday is a chance to change your life.

Monday, June 26, 2017

Squirrels, Fountain, Barn, Clouds, Blue Sky, Cardinal in flight and Shadows

2 Squirrels and Lamp post.
 3 Squirrels . .Patio and Tree.
 Squirrel Close up and Lamp post.
 Gracie on watch.
 Squirrel hidden by Monkey Grass.
 Cardinal in flight.
 Gracie napping.
 Water Fountain.
 Lamp light and Fountain.
 Clouds and trees.
 Clouds, Trees and Blue Sky.
 Backyard Squirrel in shadows.
 Clouds and Trees.
 Backyard Shadows and Birds.
 Trees, Clouds and Barn weather vane.
 Squirrel in Shadows and Picket Fence House.

 Barn, Clouds, Blue Sky, Trees and Shadows.
Integrity is really quite simple: make sure your deeds match your words. ~ Bruce Van Horn

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Dark Clouds, Fountain, Squirrels and Gracie

Dark clouds today. ..
 . . . rain in the area. . .
 . . but not hitting the ground.
 Morning Squirrel in the Trees.
 Two squirrels at Breakfast.
 Gracie always comes over. . . .
 . . .and has to have her 'loving.'
 She comes to the front door and waits.
 Squirrel on the Patio and one in the tree.
 Fountain is still going.
 2 squirrels . .close 3rd on ground.
 3 squirrels (1 on tree).
 Horse took off in the trailer this morning early.
Please remember the real me when I can’t remember you. ~ Unknown

Saturday, June 24, 2017

Barn, Horses, Birds, Clouds and Fountain

Clouds and Trees.
 Barn.. . Bay Horse and Trees.
 Buckskin Horse in pasture.
 Blue Sky and Clouds. . .Barn weather vane.
 Buckskin horse moving to other side of pasture.
 Buckskin horse and birds.
 Dark clouds and Plane.
 Courtyard Fountain.
Having a dream you don’t pursue is like buying an ice-cream cone and watching it melt all over your hand. ~ Frank Papasso