Saturday, June 17, 2017

Squirrels, Blue Sky, Trees, Barn and Horse

2 Squirrels up close. . .
. . . 3 Squirrels up close.
 Squirrel up close.
 Squirrel in the Pelican.

 Squirrels up close.
 Backyard grill and shadows.
 Blue Sky and Trees.
 Courtyard Trees and blue sky.
 Courtyard to office. . .trees and shadows.
 Horse in the Pasture.
 Squirrel in the shadows and Horse in Pasture.
 Barn weather vane. .blue sky and trees.
 Squirrel up the tree.
 Sometimes You Have To Cross Bridges You Don’t Want To Cross, But If You Persevere, It's Well Worth It.

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