Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Barn, Horses, Squirrels and largest tree . . . .

Fountain and Squirrel
 Squirrel eating.
 Squirrel ran to the shadows.
 Horse hears my whistle.
 First picture of Huge backyard tree. . . barn
 Limbs. . leaves. . .
 branches. . .shadows.
 . . .more branches. . .
 . . .under the tree. . .shadows. . .
1920s house across the street.
Thomas Carlyle: “No pressure, no diamonds.”

Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Variety of nature

Sunrise through the Trees and Clouds.
1920s house
 1920s house side garden.
 Barn side Pasture fence Trees and weather vane.
 Robin in the shadows of huge tree.
 Cloud in Blue Sky and through the Trees.
 Blue Sky, Clouds and Trees.
 Front yard plants and 3 squirrels at breakfast.
 Side Yard Pink and red Bushes/trees
Shadows, Foutnain and Lamplite.
 Close up
 Rumi: “Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder.”

Monday, April 23, 2018

My Faves today. . .

1920s House
 Barn with backend of horse.
 Horse Brown with blanket.
 Cloudy day.
 2 Puddles with Reflections.

 Yellow Pansies
 Purple Pansies
 Dove alone. . .
 . . .they mate for life and this one lost the mate.
 Pink and Red flowering trees, Fountain and Lamplite.
 Squirrel. .. .when is it my turn. . .
 Squirrel at Breakfast.
 Squirrel and Fountain.
 Squirrel at Bird seed that has Sunflower seeds.
 Squirrel Close up.
 Squirrel and small bird and doves.
There are some griefs so loud they can bring down the sky, and there are griefs so still none knows how deep they lie.   May Sarton

Sunday, April 22, 2018

Cold Rainy Day

Clouds .. .. RAINY DAY
 Too many clouds for the Sunrise.
 Strange Clouds and sunrise.
 Blue Sky and Clouds.
 Fountain from upstairs.
 Blue Jay in the trees. . . .
 . . . . close up of Blue Jay.
 Rain dripping of the balcony.
 Lots of rain. . .
 Raindrops front yard.
 Finally stopped raining until tonight. . . .
Cardinal remembers food here. . .
didn't put it out, too wet earlier.
Whatever is good for your soul. Do That.