Sunday, April 15, 2018

One day of 81 degrees and 2 more weekends of Freeze . . .Ferns still inside. . .

Horse with blanket back on. . .One day of 80 degrees
but 2 more weekends with 30 degrees or colder.
 Horse beside barn with blanket.
 Weather Vane . . .high winds in the cold.
 Dark clouds.
 Dark and cloudy day.
 Dark . . .Heavy. . .Clouds.
 Colorful Trees. . Fountain and Lamplite
 2 Doves eating lunch.
 Squirrel eating the Sunflower seeds of bird seed.
 My front yard plants. . .this one is Hostas.

 Ajuka. . .ground cover.

 Nap time. . . Minx sleeping.
To Do:  Creating a life that reflects my dreams, living a life that defines my purpose.

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