Wednesday, November 28, 2018

Squirrels, Birds, Horses, and Minx on 'her' tree

This little guy telling Kat what for. . .
from a safe place . . . . .Colorful trees.
 Squirrels around the Patio. . .Breakfast.

 Squirrel high up the tree.
 Bird was waiting for breakfast. . . .
I was waiting for killer Kat to go inside.
 Horses Buckskin and Gray.

 As you can see, the fence is taller than me
I won't be able to see them anymore when it's
done. . I will have to go out on the streets of Tulsa
to get to them . . . . and I will find a way.
 Sorry about the sunspots. . .they came right up to me.
 Mix on her Tree.
Trust but verify.

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