Friday, February 24, 2017

Clouds in many places. . .Squirrels, Sunset and my painting

Morning Clouds.
 Clouds and Trees.
 Clouds and Blue Skies.
 Pink Clouds.
 Horizon Clouds. . . .
 . . .more Horizon Clouds. . . sun off buildings.
 Squirrel on Tree eating Breakfast and clouds.
 Squirrel eats Breakfast on Patio Rail.
 Squirrel on Pelican . . Fountain behind.
 Squirrel Backyard Fence.
 Another part of Tulsa . . afternoon Clouds.
 Tulsa Clouds.
 Sunset. . .
 . .another Sunset.
 Sunset Clouds.
 Orange . . .like my painting. . . .
  I painted this 1/13/17. . .But the photos are yesterday.
Sunset kept getting brighter.
 North picture of pinks and purples.
 Everything happens for a reason, trust in the path God is putting you down! Jess Lockwood

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Clouds, Doves, Horses, Squirrels, Plane Trails and Gracie

Clouds and Blue Sky. . .
 . . .Clouds. . .

Clouds Blue Sky.
 Plane Trail.
 Squirrel looking for food.
 Squirrel at Breakfast. . . .
 . . .up the tree.
 Another squirrel already up another tree.
 Another one came to eat.
 Horse in the pasture. . .
 . . .horses, Barn and Clouds.
 Blue Sky. . Trees, Clouds.
 Blue Sky, Clouds and Trees.
 Clouds and Trees.
 Two doves in the yard.
 Dove in the shade.
 Gracie on the Patio table.


Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Clouds, Blue Sky, Horses, Doves, Cardinals and Gracie. . . . Fountain and Lamp Light

Clouds and Blue Sky.
 Looks like Mom Cardinal . . . .
 . . .Dad Cardinal.
 Both horses in the pasture.
 Road Runner cloud (?) Blue Sky.
 Two doves in a tree.
 Gracie . . .and a Dove.
 Gracie. . .
 . . .and the dove flew up to the roof.
 Fountain. . .Lamp Light is on early.
Don’t ever let anyone limit you.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Squirrels, Fountain, Flowers Blooming, Lamp Light, Horses and beautiful Twilight

 Squirrel at Breakfast on Patio.
 Squirrel up the tree for Breakfast.
 Fountain is going again. . .Spring is here.
 Flowers blooming in my front yard.
 Lamp Light on early.
 Horses Brown and Beige back in the pasture.
 Twilight. . .yellow and blues in the clouds.
 Twilight, pinks, yellows blues in the Clouds.
Faith is taking the first step even when you don’t see the whole staircase.