Wednesday, January 30, 2013


 Conchitta Johnson is one of the most beautiful ladies I've ever met. She reminds me of my grandmother and her family who raised me my first five years of life. Her voice is clear and beautiful. Her expression is amazing and shines with her Love for Jesus. She is truly an inspiration and the reason I accepted that this is my church from the first Sunday I attended.  When you know you've found your family, you make it your own.

The Worshipers from another angle. Yes, we have our wall down and the Sanctuary is accommodating more people. 

The New Horizon Worship Center in West Palm Beach is an Open Bible church open to all people. "Bringing all into harmony with God and each other."


Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Good Morning

A young duck flew from across the canal and greeted me. His hair is short and standing on end on top of his head.  He is very friendly and trusting. Seeing me, he thinks food, I'm sure, but I talked to him and took his beautiful picture.  What a Blessing to be greeted like this first thing in the morning.
This is the crowd he flew from.
 And there is Grey Duck.  They know he'll fly back to Canada when the time is right. First time I've seen a grey duck.  Guess he knew where the cold wasn't this year.
 I pray your day is Blessed. Walking both morning and late afternoon I walk more than 2 miles each day. It gives me Peace and Joy in my heart.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birds, Birds, Birds

This is what I saw. A bird here and there on a tall part of a tree as I walked toward the bridge today.
 This is why I saw the birds everywhere but the bridge. They are evaluating the bridge, trimming and spraying. He said they aren't doing anything with/to the birds. He then asked if I fed the birds, I said, 'no!'  He looked skeptical. I took my camera out and said, I have a blog and I blog the birds/ducks. He smiled and was very friendly.
This afternoon, no birds, I went on down beyond the bridge.  As I was walking back 1/2 hour later, this is what I saw.
Three ducks coming toward me expectantly.  I carry a camera, not food.
Actually, as I got closer, I saw there were 4.  See the Grey duck, when I was closer, I took his picture.

 It is wonderful to see these beautiful birds and to be in on their action.  What happens, what they see, what they do.  I just wish the mom and baby turtle pics had turned out from yesterday.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Ducks and Water Reflections

 The reflection in the water of the trees and the clouds. Looks like a painting. Ducks are playing this morning. Painting these reflections would be a challenge I would love to pursue.
Over on the bank is one duck and the egrets. 

Two on a pipe; Grey goose is getting ready to fly off. They are all having a good time.

All of a sudden when Grey goose left, they all ran after. . . . someone must be feeding on the other side.


Saturday, January 19, 2013

Rained on my walk today

One is flying in and many are having a meeting on top of the light.
As you can see by the clouds, not the perfect day to stay dry for me either.
The picture is a bit blurry, I moved with the clouds.

One day the birds were lying in wait for me. Oops, no food. I turned around and as I did they began to follow. . . uh oh.

I've been missing my walks because of fixing a tooth that has been hurting since mid-October. 
Root canal done now I'm waiting for the crown. Ouch!

I'm on day 9 of a 21-day prayer-fast.  I have added 2 walks a day to my schedule (great way to commune with God and Nature) and need to expand that now that my appointments are coming to an end.


Monday, January 14, 2013

Morning Birds at the Bridge

Good Morning, this is my first view of the bridge birds. Look who is happily standing on the bank.

There are a lot of different types of birds at the Bridge this morning.
Early bird gets the worm?
 Another one just joined the group.

 The ducks are here today, but not in big numbers. . . . .
Here is a late comer, can't miss out. . . . quickly he scurries down the hill and into the water. . . .

 I am now walking twice a day and it feels so good. There are a lot more morning walkers and it's so nice to see some of the same people each morning.  The weather is perfect (low 70s), the sun isn't so bright hot, and the breeze makes it all absolutely perfect.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

No Ducks today and Shawls are completed

 Two pigeons, first time I've seen them.
Oh Oh the egrets are on the other side of the road.

I'm like the ducks, not sure I want to cross a busy road, so I take pics from the other side.

I did finish Crocheting 2 Shawls and added a butterfly on the back of each.


The white shawl has a bit of color running through the yarn. I picked up the colors in the butterfly.

They were fun to make. I had planned to add flowers, but they turned out to be too large, so I am thinking of making a scarf with them. It will certainly be very colorful.

With this 21 day Prayer and Fasting, I will start walking to the bridge And around the neighborhood. It is beautiful here now.  Winter is cool enough to walk during the day.


Friday, January 11, 2013

Ducks at Play

Our Canadian duck came back again today.

Somebody wants to play, can't catch me. . . . .

Ok, this is no fun, let's go see what the other ducks are doing.

Here we come. . . .

Line up, they are coming after us. . . .

YAY, flap, flap. . . .  I'm going over here, go for it.

I like watching you guys be goofy ducks.

Fun and games at the bridge today.  The Egrets were everywhere.
My first day of the 21 day Prayer and Fasting. I was out and walking an hour in the late afternoon.

Monday, January 7, 2013

Crescent Moon Morning

Awake before dawn to move the car, I looked up and saw the moon.
Dawn was beginning. . . . .

It is a beautiful So. FL morning and a cool 66 degrees.
The car was covered with dew, no one was stirring at 6:00 a.m. 


Saturday, January 5, 2013

How Smart Are Ducks. . ..

You know how much I love my Bridge ducks, this is a story that shows, ducks are smart.

"Mother Duck's 'Bird Brain' Saves Ducklings

Don't mention "bird brains" to Ray Petersen, because after what happened this week, he won't hear a word of it.

Petersen, a community police officer for Granville Downtown South, was walking in the 1500-block Granville Street (directly under the Granville Bridge) Wednesday morning when a duck came up and grabbed him by the pant leg. Then it started waddling around him and quacking.

"I thought it was a bit goofy, so I shoved it away," Petersen said in an interview.

But the duck, a female (he thinks it was a mallard), wasn't about to give up that easily. Making sure she still had Petersen's eye, she waddled up the road about 20 metres and lay on a storm sewer grate.

Petersen watched and thought nothing of it.

"But when I started walking again, she did the same thing. She ran around and grabbed me again."

It became obvious to him then that something was up.

So when she waddled off to the sewer grate a second time, Petersen decided to follow.

"I went up to where the duck was lying and saw eight little babies in the water below. They had fallen down between the grates."

So Petersen took action. He phoned police Sergeant Randy Kellens, who arrived at the scene and, in turn, got in touch with two more constables.

"When they came down, the duck ran around them as well, quacking. Then she lay down on the grate," Petersen said.

While Kellens looked over into the grate, the duck sat on the curb and watched.

Then the two constables, John Schilling and Allison Hill, marshalled a tow truck that lifted the grate out of position, allowing the eight ducklings to be rescued one by one with a vegetable strainer.

"While we were doing this, the mother duck just lay there and watched," Petersen says.

Once the ducklings were safe, however, she set about marching them down to False Creek, where they jumped into the water.

Kellens followed them to make sure they were all right, but elected to remain on shore.

The experience has changed Petersen's mind about ducks. He thinks they're a lot smarter than he used to.
And while he never ate duck before, he says he wouldn't dream of it now. " 
Source: Vancouver Sun 
Photo: Ray Peterson, 
Special to the Sun / Mother duck shows police officer where her ducklings fell through a grate into a sewer underneath the Granville Street Bridge.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Ducks and. . . .

This is a new duck on the block

He came along with the other Three
They all started to swim under the bridge and away, he started paddling just as fast as he could.

 Here comes the other one that was on the grassy bank.
 They are coming over to check me out. Nope, no food.
What in the world does this look like further down the canal?
You can see it is late afternoon, the way the shadows are on the trees.


Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year 2013

This is the way the church celebrated ringing in the New Year. . . Happy 2013. It was a wonderful celebration into the new year. I certainly prefer celebrating this way.

Daphne's son has picture taken by Pastor Jean.

The line up: Amos, Sislynn, Jonathan, Elsa, Jordan, James and son and Jonathan Massena

James and Aminta's son doesn't want to quit hitting the wall. 
It was therapeutic, I was amazed.

Pastor Mathai swings the first hammer.

Pastor Mathai and Brother James Culmer get ready to hit the wall.

 There was plenty of praise and singing during 2012

Elsa Noble sang all the old songs. Countdown is on. .  . .

Ron Noble, Jordan and Jonathan Mathai

Pastor Mathai, James on Drums, Arminta, Sislynn, Shelah and Jonathan Matai on keyboard.