Monday, September 19, 2011

PBC Quilts at the 1913 Delray Beach School House

This quilt show is through October 23.  Take a look, the school house is beautiful, the quilts are amazing, and the ideas just keep coming.  The picture below uses zippers.
 Picture on right was 'painted' using Crayons (totally). There is also an amazing Crayon exhibit.

And of course, the yellow cottage, this is just a taste of the show.


Thursday, September 15, 2011

Fashion Night Out Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011

My girlfriend and I had a fabulous night out.  We went to Brio's for a light supper, then into the mall.  People, stores, everyone was smiling, and having a great time.  The fashion show at Saks was fun.

I met someone with a vintage outfit. She said she loves shopping for vintage and always wears it. She was just there for the fun of it too.  The hat was fantastic.

The Betsey Johnson "Marilyn" watch is a definite for my Birthday List.  Yes, Betsey has a store in the mall.  The most fun.

My girlfriend and I felt that we had been taken out of our world and dropped into another.  To have that wonderful ambiance is hard to come by these days.  The whole experience was awesome.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

1963 Mercury Comet

That was my very first car.  Little Red beauty.  The only thing she didn't have was power steering, so she was hard to parallel park (none of those pull in places around back then in small towns).  I tried to find one, but will have to shove it in here when I find it.  I bought it with a Playboy bunny sticker in the front passenger window.  I didn't remove it, after all I had been to a Chicago play GREASE and walked down the street and found Betsey Johnson designs in the window and Sat. night hit the Playboy Bunny Club, so I felt it was only fair I kept it in the window.  A weekend in Chicago was a treat, especially the professional play, for a small town Normal, IL gal.  Have a great Weekend.