Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Fish in the canal

Female and two males.
 Look at the actual distance between them.
 Caught the squirrel running across the parking lot and 
 up the tree. . .can you find him? The birds chase them and give them a hard time.

 These two were hanging around for some food. . . .
 One flew in. . . .
 but by the time he walked across the road. . . I had run out.
 Another mama duck with all her little ducklings. . .yep they are there, look closely. . .
 another picture, I am across the street and I've zoomed in to get the pic.
People keep teling me there are fish in the canal. . . yep, I saw them for the first time today while feeding the turtles.
A ship in safe harbor, but that’s not what ships are for. ~ William G. T. Shedd

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