Monday, June 8, 2015

Clouds, Sunshine, Crow, Hibiscus blooms and Breakfast

Today was my first day back to walking since my knee injury mid March.  It is good to be back out. I saw a fella that always gives me a flower. It was a closed Hibiscus. He doesn't speak English, but we know each other from walking. We manage to communicate with signs. He walked only a little ways with me because I have no speed yet.  After another block, my long time walking buddy came along. I turned around and we walked back to where I started, she went on. It was good to see two good walker friends this morning. I did get a bit of a late start (she was finished) and I couldn't go any further. I hope to be able to go to the canal and just beyond to see another friend who had a heart operation. I don't know if he's out and about yet.  As soon as I came back inside, I put the Hibiscus in water.

Crow decided he needed a drink
Close up

 Bright sunshine and a few clouds, front yard.
 Backyard clouds.
 Lots of bright sunshine and backyard baby Palm. Just planted 2 years ago.
 I made breakfast and prayed over it. When I turned around . . .
 . . .to my utter amazement the Hibiscus had opened.
That has never happened before. It was absolutely closed.
 My favorite cup has hot lemon water. I squeezed one lemon.
 Happy Breakfast to you.
 Addition:  In an hour the stem has grown. . .
just keeps opening and getting bigger.
When you find your heart just isn’t strong enough to tackle the mountain in front of you, take your problem, wrap it up in a prayer, and turn it over to God’s care.

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