Saturday, May 21, 2016

Bad Storms, Twilight, Full Moon, Sunrise, Clouds, Plane,Squirrel and Mushrooms

Yesterday afternoon were more storms. . .
 along with Clouds.
 Twilight at sundown . . more clouds moved in.

 Full moon and 2 Stars/Planets!
 I did NOT catch the red sky this morning.
 More clouds moving.
 Sunrise and Clouds.
 Sunrise and clouds
 West Clouds touch of Blue Sky.
 Squirrel. . .yes, I remembered Breakfast.
 Happy Squirrel. . .no salt Pistachios.
 Plane going overhead. . . still cloudy.
 More clouds and different shapes as they pass over. .
 . . . and Palms.
 Strange looking 'mushrooms.'
 IF someone walks out of your life LET THEM GO!  Some people come into your life for a season, some for a lifetime, don’t mix them up.  You’ll have either tears or happiness. Some people are like leaves on a tree. . they cannot stay. . . they won’t ever be something. They will leave you high and dry.

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