Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Trees are big, clouds are few. .
 . . sometimes only morning clouds.
 Fountain outside the gate.
 Lamp is lit at night
 Squirrel . . they are always finding and eating something.
I still have pistachios in the shell.
 My Pelican (Charlie) on the post. . . my daughter
gave him to me years ago. He is Rock heavy and
needs a plant in him.  Moving here I could not
bring any of my plants. . .
 . . which would have looked great on my patio. But with 
my stuff in a warehouse almost 3 weeks, I understand
why they don't move plants. No light, no water. 
I will have to start over. . .
 Most times . . . no clouds. . . temps hotter.
Never be defined by your past . . it was just a lesson not a life sentence.

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