Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Two days of Dreary Clouds, Squirrel running, Fountain in the rain, and front yard plants perk up with over an inch of rain.

Looks like rain ALL day.
 Dark Clouds and. . .
 . . . dreary day.
 Fountain and pouring rain.
 Rain. . Puddle on sidewalk.
 More clouds and Green Trees.
 Squirrel running. .
 Holiday Wreath.
 2 kats hanging around.
 Green Tree and gold Bush.
 Over 1" of rain and my front yard plants perked up.
 We keep having earthquakes, but so far all is fine here. . . even with the largest in OK history on Sept. 3.  Not what I thought would happen when I moved here. They had not had a large earthquake since 2011. . .now there are many and larger.
Everyone needs people who care about them, reach out and offer that friendship.

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