Sunday, July 17, 2011

Warm sand and Ocean blues

That's what I see when I look at this picture Houzz has on their sight.  I have my own Idea Book on this site and have added this picture to it. I see this setting in my cottage of the future.
Ocean/water is an important ingredient for Life.  I guess being a water sign, I need to be near water.  I love the color of Sunshine, therefore a yellow cottage is definitely in the mix.
Fruits and veggies (without poison spray that is now being used) is important, so a garden is necessary. . . and flowers. Which, in turn, brings the birds, the hummers (with their own feeders), squirrels, chipmunks. . . . . .
Looking. .. from NH to Cornwall to Brittany. . . . I have some traveling to do - in my near future.

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  1. Your dream house may be closer than you think ~ 'happy trails' ~ Do you know you can select the size of the photos on blogger? Just a thought ~ enjoy the evening ~ hugs and namaste, Carol ^_^