Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Birds, Birds, Birds

This is what I saw. A bird here and there on a tall part of a tree as I walked toward the bridge today.
 This is why I saw the birds everywhere but the bridge. They are evaluating the bridge, trimming and spraying. He said they aren't doing anything with/to the birds. He then asked if I fed the birds, I said, 'no!'  He looked skeptical. I took my camera out and said, I have a blog and I blog the birds/ducks. He smiled and was very friendly.
This afternoon, no birds, I went on down beyond the bridge.  As I was walking back 1/2 hour later, this is what I saw.
Three ducks coming toward me expectantly.  I carry a camera, not food.
Actually, as I got closer, I saw there were 4.  See the Grey duck, when I was closer, I took his picture.

 It is wonderful to see these beautiful birds and to be in on their action.  What happens, what they see, what they do.  I just wish the mom and baby turtle pics had turned out from yesterday.

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