Monday, December 30, 2013

Clouds and Ducks.. . . . what No Sunshine this morning. . . .

I've been leaving later in the mornings, giving the sun a chance to light my way. . .
However. . . .  See last picture!

This duck came to meet me.
One of my walker friends and I were talking and
he decided not to wait!
 A bit later an impatient little thing came . . . . Ok Ok
 Whoops, I didn't realize he had crossed the street. . . .here he comes back.
 Whew, made it. . .waddling across a busy street isn't good for your health sometimes.
However, it wasn't too busy this morning. . .
 Only 3 at the Duck Breakfast Club.
 As I walk away. . .there come two more. . . too late.
I arrive back home after my walk and what do I see. . . . . .
 The Sun decided to pull up her covers (clouds) and stay in bed this morning.
Good Grief!!!!

If you are going through difficult times keep trusting God. He knows how to bless you in unexpected ways!

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