Saturday, July 13, 2013

Clouds, Ducklings and Rainbow

Rainbow was right overhead. I would have missed it had I not been looking up
to see the how the storm clouds were changing.
The big storm is following the jet stream.

Every so often there is light. . . sun trying to polk through. . .
Mama and ducklings were at the canal today.
 Only 1 duck in the community today.  He's pretty contented when standing on one leg.

When I look back on my life, I see pain, mistakes and heart ache. When I look in the mirror, I see strength, learned lessons, and satisfaction with myself.

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  1. Hi Janet. Thx for stopping by my PPF. I always appreciate your visits. What great photos. I love that quote your have there under your name. Next time I look in the mirror and tell myself that.:) Have a wonderful day.