Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Ducks and dead battery. . .

At the bridge here are 2 ducks wanting food.
 This one just flew in for food.
 Here we are feeding the duck, lots of turtles and the fish.
Those turtles can swim fast for food!!
 Here is the Anhinga . . . watch what he does. . . .
 Also the bird that spread his wings to dry off that I showed several times in previous posts.
 He came up on the bank to eat.
 What do I see down that road?
 Yep, I know where the ducks are. . . looks like the same one on the roof yesterday.
 S*L*O*W down. . .he's coming just as fast as his little duck legs will carry him. . .
the sign says Speed Limit. . .I already gave them food.
I'm on my way back to the bridge and across to go for home.

I love nature and all the birds in it. My battery died when I was taking pics of the Anhinga. But I managed to get just a few more pics from the camera. . . never give up!

The heart knows when the search is over.

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