Sunday, May 3, 2015

Moon, Clouds and Star Photography and ART Journal and ME Doll on Quilted wall hanging

Moon 100 percent full today.
 Moon and Clouds.
 Star in the southwest.

 This is part of the fabric used to make a skirt when I went with the Illinois State University Home Economic professors to a conference in Chicago. We were given the opportunity to purchase a pattern (already cut out) to sew up an A-line wrap skirt. The wool was washable and it was a skirt I have since lost, but adored. It looked terrific on.  It was from a factory in St. Louis.

I had always made my clothes, my daughters clothes and a few of my husband's shirts.
 I used Crochet that I have made Patch Pocket Owl; flowers and Butterfly for my 2015 
Documented Life Journal.
This month's Art Journal includes Fabric: The Fabric of my Life.  I have always used fabric in my art. Not only for my journals, but for wall hangings.  I made a ME doll and a quilted wall hanging.
Some of the pics below are Travel: grapes/vineyards of Italy and France, the beach, my yellow cottage backyard with trellis of flowers and table for tea, puppy and flowers everywhere.  
The Me doll  is dressed in divided skirt, hat and feathery boa, 
rings on my fingers and (whoops) forgot the bells on my toes. 
It was for a Doll Group Meeting that I put this together. I made cloth dolls at the time.

Be real, be yourself, be unique, be true, be honest, be humble, be happy.

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