Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Horse, Squirrels, Birds, Fountain . . .Clouds, and Trees

Gray horse comes to me. . .
Close and personal.. . .I pat him.. .so sweet. . .
. . .he begins to get nervous.. . I've never been afraid
but something is wrong. . .I look over. . .
 The gray dog got loose AGAIN, happening for
months,  . .nasty barking dog. . Fearful horse
could have bitten me . . .ACCIDENTALY, but still.
I got the dog away and took one more picture.
 Squirrels racing all over the trees. . .Clouds.
 Birds await and Squirrel
 Squirrel Breakfast.
 Another Squirrel Breakfast at other end of Patio.
 3 Squirrels at Breakfast.
 Squirrel too quick. . .
2 Doves and small birds
Yay Fountain working.
Good things come to those who Believe, Better things come to those who are Patient and the best Things come to this who Don’t Give Up.    ~ Live Purposefully Now

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