Thursday, December 6, 2018

Leaves. . .Squirrels, Birds....Horses and Wx forecast

Went to the store and came back to this. . .
. . .ran out of gas. . .SCUSE ME!!! I had 2
loads of groceries. . .My Front Yard.
 Front yard. . .And yes the kids did get into the bigger 
pile further down when they got home from school.
Birds and Squirrels
 Squirrels one on Tree.
Someone enjoying the Sunshine. . .cold day.
 Here comes the Brown hours. . .up close. . .
 He heard my voice, didn't even have to whistle.
 Horse and Shadow.
 Horse saying good bye. . .pretty cold 
forgot my horse blanket.
 3-6" Snow on Sat. . . .GRIEF!
Discipline is the bridge between goals and results.

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