Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentines Day . . . Full Moon and MY Journal

FULL MOON 100 percent.

This morning it was 45 degrees with 15 mph. Since I have no coat, I didn't walk. I took a picture of the moon last night. Of course, it's blue sky, so no cloud pics either.

I am sharing The Documented Life journal is a group I follow on line. We are on Week 7.  This page is Week 6 and 7

 We had to choose a Pinterest picture that inspired us.  As you know I am looking for a yellow cottage (I can paint it yellow) so that I can have a puppy, a garden of veggies, herbs and flowers. Yes, I've had all this (not the cottage) and I was happiest.  Hard work, but totally worth it.  I chose Tammy Northrup's photo on Carmel-by-the-Sea (left corner).  It is mostly pastels and ink.
Week 7: The 5 hearts represent the number of years it has been on my heart. I continue to draw/paint this cottage to keep it in the forefront of my consciousness.

The picture book I wrote for my granddaughter when she was young.
She's in college now.
Week 4: Kayla is the oldest granddaughter. My daughter is the oldest of my two ~ her middle name is Kay, I'm the oldest, my middle name is Kay and Kayla is the oldest of 4 daughters. Christopher is the oldest child. Which is also the name my husband and I would have named our oldest daughter had she been a boy. Don't know if she knows that.
The story is about a bird living in a trailer in central FL with her owner, a tornado comes along, and she goes out the window.  Trying to find her way back home and all the incidents along the way to So. FL are written about. Kayla finds her. The owner moves to So. FL.  One day walking in the neighborhood, the owner hears the bird and knows it is hers. Kayla eventually understands and makes the decision to give the bird back (in tears) to the owner. The next weekend the owner brings Kayla a brand new bird of her own that looks like Misty.  I wrote the story in the late 1990s.
I added the doodles on each side for Week 5.

You are where you need to be. Just breathe.

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