Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Moon, Sunrise, Ducks, Mallards, Heron and Squirrels

Moon 88 percent full
 Sunrise this morning.
 I saw the Heron fly in.
 Looks like fog, smells smokey. . . could be burning the fields.
 Two ducks waiting for North Breakfast Club to start.
 Across the street the South Breakfast Club has 4.
 Here come 2 more.
This one isn't sure, she's staying there for a bit.
 2 Mallard Females come over to see what's going on.
 Nope, they turn around and go back into the water.
 It is still smokey at the end of my walk.
 One flew over just as I crossed the street. 3 ducks at the No. Breakfast Club.
Actually, there are 4.
 They are all such posers.
 Well, HI little fella.

Some people are going to Leave, but that’s not the End of your Story. That’s the End of their Part in your Story. . .The Attitude of Gratitude

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